So most people are familiar with the glass growler which is filled with beer at bottle shops, restaurants, and breweries and consumed off premises. The container is sealed with a lid after being filled and typically consumed soon after opening because the carbonation level is not maintained once the cap is off. Because a half-gallon of beer can be quite a large volume to consume in one sitting the industry has come out with mini-growlers which hold 32 ounces and are a little more manageable.

Oskar Blues developed a large 32 ounce can called a crowler which could be filled at retail and is essentially a single use aluminum can. So instead of carrying around heavy glass with a lid which might leak you receive a can which has a superior ability to omit oxygen and has a lower volume to consume once opened than a full-sized growler. It would allow a beer to be transported without any question as to whether or not it was an opened container and IMO has many benefits.

Texas bar owners were purchasing crowlers and apparently the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has taken offense to their use saying the retail use is equivalent to manufacturing beer. Have they lost their minds? So let me understand this fully, it is perfectly fine to fill a growler and place a cap on the bottle, but it is not fine to place a lid on a can? What if the growler had a crown cap instead of a twist top, would a crown cap be forbidden? To me this smacks of special kind of stupid and I hope someone will take them to task on this asinine decision.

Texas continues a tradition of stupid beer laws. Originally beer was not allowed to be sold at a brewery. At one time all beers had to have the word ALE on them. How dumb to make someone label a lager as an ale. The worst offender has to be Lefors, TX where it is illegal to take more than three sips of a beer while standing. Where’s the eye roll emoticon when you need one!