In the beverage industry, especially the beer industry, the names of beverages and campaigns have long beer filled with sexual innuendos which are juvenile and at times repulsive. There has been much discussion lately over what is and is not appropriate and IMHO one of the worst habitual offenders is Sweetwater. Another which catches flack is Flying Dog. I can certainly see why they do, for sure the names of some of their products are named to make people think of things other than beer. Personally I find few of the names offensive, but women in particular have mentioned finding several inappropriate.

Yesterday I happened to see a post for Treasure Chest by Green Flash. Now Green Flash Co-Founder is a breast cancer survivor, but can we really be offended by one brewery and not another? Is it ok to only speak about breasts in a certain manner if we are looking for a cure for cancer and not ok to look at them in another context? Would someone unfamiliar with the cause potentially find it offensive? Certainly the one which caught my eye was benign in many aspects, but I’m sure there are causes with innuendos which are not benign. I picked up a few using a quick Google search, Kegs for Cleavage, Big Boobs Tour, Brewers for Boobs, Beers 4 Rears, etc. I just don’t get something being ok part of the time and not the rest. If we can use references for causes with no offense then we should be able to use them all the time with no offense.

I am not saying there are not some beers with offensive names. What I am saying is people should grow thicker skin and brewers should name beers with less frat boy attitude and more intelligence.