In our area there seems to be a trend toward wine bars and they come in a couple of flavors. One is the type with the vending machines which I despise. About a year ago we visited one which really did not have their act together and I wrote a post about it. Yesterday we hit one which had a different model, but still had those awful vending machines. Their model was a glass of wine for $8.50 from the list or you can do smaller portions with the vending card. Their wine list was filled with wines with retail price points of sub-$20 so affordable and approachable. My only gripe is paying $8.50 for a glass when the bottle was about the same price.

I much prefer a model where you can get 2, 4, or 6 ounce pours of the wines on the list with pricing escalating by sample size. There was a restaurant in Raleigh with that approach and unfortunately it sold out the location to developers and closed. So if there are any wine bar owners or potential owners taking note, know I don’t want your freaking vending card and find it irritating when that is my choice for sampling. Perhaps others like the cheesiness of if, but I find it off-putting. Pour my wine in a glass for me if you expect me to return.