I grew up in a rural NC county with a small population which today is still relatively small. The entire population of Yadkin County is less than the town I currently live in and when I was growing up it was less than half what it is now. In High School we barely had enough people to fill out the football team without playing ironman, our wrestling team was missing weight classes, but it was a good environment in which to grow up. Being rural you could basically go outside and shoot the gun without bothering anyone. I can remember using an oil container, the ones made of cardboard, as a clay pigeon and throwing it myself to shoot with the shotgun.

Over the past few years the local schools have made a name for themselves in the International Youth Hunter Education Challenge hosted by the NRA. This year the event was held in New Mexico at the NRA Whittington Center and the overall winners were from the High School I attended and the local Middle School. Congratulations go out to the Yadkin Patriots from Forbush Middle School and the team from Forbush High School for their achievements.