I had not thought about the Remington R51 since January until I came across a blog post entitled “Remington R51: Impending Demise?” on Guns Holsters and Gear. The last I was aware Remington was planning to ship new models with the issues corrected. Apparently they have figured out bupkus and those who sent in recalled firearms are still without their pistols. That is just plain bad. Assume someone with limited funds decided the gun for them was the R51. They shot it and it performed poorly and then they sent it off to Remington for a repair and now they are still sitting waiting on the firearm. In fact the Remington website still has the 2014 notice on it with zero updates.

Long time readers know I was excited when the firearm was first introduced. Then it became clear it was larger than first reported. Then the problems started and I am so glad I didn’t waste any money on this firearm. Perhaps one day they will bring it back from the brink, but I don’t plan on purchasing one until the issues are all addressed and it has been proven reliable by others.