I gotta admit I am not currently a hunter, but I admire those who do hunt and use the meat or those who hunt varmits. GRNC has been putting out alerts on something which I find a bit disturbing. Apparently there are those who deer farm in NC and they are trying to strip cervids used and sold for commercial purposes (aka deer farming) from the authority of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and put it in The Department of Agriculture. What happens on these farms is canned hunts where people pay to kill the “farmed” animals. So now we would be taking the act of hunting and making it part of a department focused on production. From what I can tell this deal seems shady. It’s tucked into Senate Bill 513 in Section 14.

Now GRNC has said in the recent budget compromise which passed they already funded the “captive cervid” program for the Dept of Ag and SB513 hasn’t even passed. I smell a rat. I also don’t get what the end game is for Troxler. The deer are typically genetically altered to have massive antlers sometimes so large the animals have difficult raising up their heads. This is not a good move for NC and Troxler should decide if it is something he really wants to be involved in with his department and for his future as Commissioner. We voted you in, we can certainly vote you out!