Ok, I get it. Someone commits a crime with a firearm and you feel helpless to do something about it. The go to for the gun grabbers is new legislation. I’ve probably posted it dozens of times, but that never works. Sure it will create hardships and red tape for anyone trying to get a gun, but most firearms in legal possession are not the ones used in criminal acts. All firearms are purchased legally the first time unless they are smuggled into the country, but what happens after that is where the issues come in. Take the guy who purchased 27 firearms and only got a slap on the wrist. Legislation didn’t scare him one bit and end the end didn’t even punish him for his actions. I’ll bet most of those guns made it from Milwaukee into Chicago and are now used criminally.

Here’s my suggestion and some may not like it, using the current NICS system if it is pinged for the same individual more than twice in a certain time-frame local law enforcement will be notified. I know currently if two or more handguns are transferred at a FFL the local is notified. I have transferred eight handguns at one time for use with classes and nobody batted an eye. Of course I have a CHP and have been fingerprinted so they know where I live. To me this would potentially catch those trying to traffic firearms. I do believe it would also find people who wanted one firearm from one shop and one from another, but I suspect they wouldn’t mind the police knock on the door asking about their intentions. Now if a rule such as this were created the police response would need to be measured and restrained. It is one thing to knock on a door, and quite another to kick it in with a SWAT team.

I still see no need for additional legislation, all laws do is punish those who have been caught and create headaches for citizens trying to adhere to the law. Take the laws we have on the books and enforce them, and the systems we have in place and utilize them.