I rarely do reviews of businesses, but last night I finally made it into a restaurant in Greensboro, NC which was No. 1 on TripAdvisor’s top-10 list of “America’s Best Burger Restaurants.” Let’s back up because there is a little more to the story of why I wanted to go there. Sometime back I was searching for beer places in Greensboro and came upon Hops Burger Bar on Yelp and after searching through the almost all positive reviews figured it would be a place worth trying out. It is located at 2419 Spring Garden Street and to me appears to be an old convenience store from the exterior or some similar strip mall business. Parking is a bit of a chore either on the street or in a gravel lot down the street beside Hops. Getting a spot in front of the place would be a major score. Anyway, that night three of us arrived and the line was out the door and waiting in the parking lot so we left. A month or so later I was again with a party of three and the same scenario presented itself. In reality we probably could have scored a seat outside, but it was scalding hot. We also could have waited a little while and gotten in, but we were too hungry to wait.

Fast forward to last night when I was solo and I waltzed in and told them I had one. He looked at me a little sideways and I said I’d be glad to sit at the bar so he pointed out an empty stool. Getting waited on was a slight bit of a chore because the bar is long and the bartender has to pour for the entire restaurant and handle my business. Soon enough they showed up with a menu and a beer menu. The burgers are either 6oz or 8oz in size and there are many variations from which to choose. I figured I would just go with the Hops Classic which is Lettuce, Tomato, American Cheese, Bacon, Pickles, Onion, Ketchup, Mustard, and Mayonnaise. Now I had to settle in for a short wait, but I was able to wet my whistle with several brews which are all great beers, but seem to be from all over without any central theme. I have a feeling the beers rotate often and there were several local options. I should have counted the number of taps, but I was deep into eating the burger, anyway it had to be 16 to 20. I had three rather obscure beers while there and enjoyed them all.

So I know the question in the back of you mind is how was the burger and the answer is fantastic. The seasoning on the meat was excellent and the amount of condiments on it was perfect. I can see why they got a nod from TripAdvisor, now I need to do more research to be sure they deserved the number one spot! 😉