There was a recent article where WalMart indicates they will stop selling AR type rifles and I must admit I am not surprised. I’m sure you are thinking they are bowing to pressure from gun grabbers, but in reality the market has gone soft, I mean really, really soft. There are plenty of people out there who would never have purchased an AR if it had not appeared the government might try to impose a ban. I was in a pawn shop recently known for their firearm selection and they had an entire rack of fairly new ARs just waiting to be purchased. It wasn’t long ago you had to pay 2X for one and now they prices are bargain basement. So the news from Wallyworld doesn’t come as a surprise and I would not be surprised if other retailers didn’t follow suit.

Now as far as the Forbes article title, I think Clare is trying to sensationalize a business decision. Bad form Clare, bad form.