Last night we had someone out with our group and thought they might appreciate Sake so we took them to a restaurant which makes their own. Readers may recall I penned a note about the place back in 2014. As it turns out the person was not quite as adventuresome as we thought and just didn’t seem to enjoy the Sake varieties offered. I believe I learned a valuable lesson, while most people I meet have an open mind about such things, some just like what they like and really don’t want to stray off the beaten path. If I had to do it over again I’d probably choose another restaurant or ask more questions before suggesting they try a Sake sampler. They did like one of the three, but it was obvious it would not be their first choice of beverage. On the bright side they did seem to like the meal, but I don’t like to see barely touched glasses of Sake going to waste. At least the experience was a lesson learned!