Last night I happened upon one of those specials which was too good to pass up. Ballast Point Sculpin was on tap at a restaurant close to my hotel and on Monday nights all US beers are $1.95. So I got a pint of Sculpin for $1.95 and typically it is $2.50 per 12 ounce when you purchase it in the bottle shop. It is very, very rare for a draft beer to be less expensive than a retail purchase, especially in a 6-pack, 12-pack, or case. I checked and found a keg of Sculpin retails for $275, so you can figure the restaurant got it for less than that, let’s assume ~30% less so that keg came in at $195. Assuming 16 ounce pours a keg would have 124 pints. At $1.95 they could take in ~$240 so they would make ~$0.35 per pint. Not quite raking it in. I suppose the reality is they don’t sell out a keg on that night and the real price makes up the difference and the beer is a loss leader to bring people in for food and to keep the taps moving. It’s just rare to see a draft beer for less than a bottle at a retail shop.