For the July 2015 IPA of the Month variant from Foothills the dogs for the label, Seamus & Marlowe, came courtesy of Will Wheaton. The 5.8% ABV beer touted 63 IBUs and was quite a citrusy treat. Grapefruit ruled the airways with some tangerine and lime character in tow for good measure. If you aren’t an American IPA fan this might not be the beer for you, but if you like all the citrusy goodness they provide this definitely should be a beer you try to find.

In the known universe of pit bull rescues, few stars shine brighter than Seamus and Marlowe. My wife and I are passionate advocates for this amazing breed of dog; every day there are pit bulls making a difference in people’s lives as service, therapy, and search and rescue dogs. Hope you enjoy Seamus and Marlowe’s IPA the way rescued pit bulls enjoy every day – to the fullest.