You would need to reside under a rock to be oblivious to the murderous rampage which occurred in Chattanooga this week. A radicalized man ultimately killed five military personnel and was shot and killed by the police to end his reign of terror. Yesterday his family released a statement indicating he was not the young man they remember, but punctuated the statement by saying, “For many years, our son suffered from depression.” While this may be true, it does not explain his actions. If it were PTSD or depression he would have immediately acted and not spent seven months in Jordan. He would have not posted blog posts and made snide comments for his yearbook photos. The truth is this young man was a terrorist and targeted members of our military. We should blame him for his actions and him alone until such time as evidence points to a larger conspiracy. We should not try to explain away his actions as depression.

Terrorists in the US are a real threat to us all and we should stop trying to explain away the real reason for violence such as that which occurred in Chattanooga.