To protect the brewery I’ll keep the name secret, but I hit one last night which opened in February and had seven of their own offerings on tap. I tried six and there was only one I would want an entire pint of and one which was completely undrinkable. I wouldn’t even have poured it down the drain for fear it would have eroded the piping. Many were badly oxidized and it was apparent the brewer knows little to nothing about recipe formulation. What is really sad is they have a terrific space, I’ll bet it could pack 500 or more in it, but there were a handful of customers and most were leaving after a pint. Even the bartender knew the beers were crap and only charged me for four of the tasters. The clue was when I would taste it and push it back off the tasting mat.

I really thought the days of bad craft beer were behind us. Most of the breweries make at least good to excellent beer, but this was good to horrible and heading in the wrong direction. I suggest new breweries at least check the ratings on Untappd and if they are not 3.5 stars or better determine why. There are BJCP judges in close proximity of almost every brewery and they would gladly be on a tasting panel for a brewery. So new breweries, take the time to evaluate your beer and if they aren’t up to snuff don’t push them on an unsuspecting patron. I know I probably will not return to this particular brewery after this singular experience. Too many crappy beers in their repertoire for me to take the chance again.