I don’t believe I have mentioned it on the blog, but I really like Chai tea so when I spotted the 2015 release of Stone Chai-Spiced Imperial Russian Stout I was interested in what the beer might taste like. I opened the beer and immediately the aromas which greeted my nose were gingerbread, not like gingerbread, but full on gingerbread. The flavor was also gingerbread, too much gingerbread for my tastes. I tried and tried to like this one, but just couldn’t pull it off. The stout presence and alcohol at 10.6% were strong, but chai this was not and gingerbread this was. Perhaps it looked good on paper, but for me this was a mess. If you like gingerbread and approach it as a gingerbread beer this might be your cup of tea (pun intended), but if you are looking for chai, look elsewhere.