How do you usually make your restaurant choices, based on the food, or based on the drink? I know if I am alone it is generally based on the drink, of course I won’t settle for something awful. I once had a coworker who said he would take B food and A service every time, he was all about the service. If possible I’d rather not have B food unless the restaurant has something special in the drink department which rates an A. Even the worst possible waiter eventually will bring your food or drink if they want to receive a gratuity so I aim for the best food I can find with the best drink I can find. Now if I am with someone else or a group I am probably shooting for the food, especially if the purpose in going out isn’t to have drinks. Most everywhere can come up with something to wet your whistle, often it is pedestrian and boring, but with company the food needs to be top-notch. Recently I was out and had the worst of both worlds, mediocre drinks and borderline awful food. Worst meal I have had this decade. Our service was great so the issues resided at the bar and in the kitchen. IMO the kitchen should just close and save themselves the Yelp review heartache. I see some positive reviews for the place, but most of those are brunch, not the dinner menu which appeared awesome and tasted like dog food. Actually most self-respecting dogs would have skipped that meal.

So what’s your criteria, food or drink and does it change depending upon the circumstances?