I really tire of hearing people say the catch phrase “common sense gun laws” when what they truly mean is confiscation. The truth is there is no law which will stop any violent act which uses a firearm as a weapon. So let’s think for a minute about disarming all Americans and what that would mean. That would create a nation where the only people with firearms are criminals and law enforcement. In the end, it still would not stop crimes from happening and would not assist law enforcement in finding the criminal element.

A friend who enjoys sporting clays and owns a shotgun suggested recently he would not have a problem turning over his firearm to authorities for fair market value. I told him he was delusional if he thought the government would pay him what the firearm was worth. I proposed if he owned a collection of sporting clay firearms with a value of $30K or more he would have a different opinion, especially when offered pennies on the dollar for his collection. Eventually he understood my point, but thought processes such as his prevail. None of my firearms have ever hurt another person and so long as my life or family are not threatened, they never will.

So for all you “common sense” folk out there, put some thought into it and decide whether you want to further regulate law-abiding citizens or punish criminals because no law is going to stop someone intent on causing harm.