Trying to keep it local last night I ordered several beers from Georgia since I am in the area. I decided to make them all beers I had not had from breweries I had not heard of and to see just how the beer culture has improved over the years. I realize this was a small sample of local fare, but the beer menu was not awash with local breweries in the first place so I chose from what was presented. In the end I am sad to report I was disappointed across the board. The beers all ranged from mediocre to good, nothing outstanding. I had a Saison which was quite tasty and an IPA which just needed a kick in the complexity pants, but these were the beers of 10 or more years ago for most places. I certainly hope this ain’t the best Georgia had to offer from the new batch of breweries. The old standards were there on the beer menu, but why get a Terrapin when I can get Terrapin in NC. So Georgia from my sampling thus far you have some work to do.