So I am at a restaurant last night and notice a beer on the menu I am certain I have not had. I order it and when it arrives open up Untappd to put in a few notes and a quick star rating only to find I have had it and it was mediocre at best. Well it turned out I was correct in my rating even if I could not remember having the beer. With so many beers on the market and all the beers I have had over the years it can be difficult to keep up. On Untappd I have less than 1,000 entered, but have certainly had 5-10 times that number of distinct beers. I think my new methodology will be to immediately check Untappd to check and be sure if I have had the beer and also what I thought when I run into one I believe to be new. At least that way I won’t end up drinking something I didn’t really care for in the first place.