My thoughts are with those families affected by the man who shot and killed nine people at a Church in Charleston, SC earlier this week. I’ve been trying to make sense of this senseless act and find myself stumped as to a reason why other than hatred and racism. There are several other things which don’t make sense with this and since this incident so today’s post will focus on those areas. The fact is a man filled with hate sat in a church and then opened fire on the congregation killing nine people. What doesn’t make sense immediately is him being able to reload the firearm five times. I certainly would look for cover if I somehow found myself faced with a madman, but I would not allow them to reload and continue their rampage. If someone knows how many times they reloaded, that was a chance to stop the assault. Perhaps not everyone is wired the same, but I know the second I got a chance to do something I would at least try.

Another issue we have is those crying out for enhanced gun laws. To them I ask which law precisely would stop this madman from carrying out his deed. Guns are not allowed in church in SC without permission. Even if you have a concealed permit, you must have permission to have a firearm in the church. So him having a gun there was already breaking the law, so what additional law would you impose to stop this threat? It seems to me a better law would be to ALLOW firearms in church without permission by those with a concealed carry permit and perhaps someone there would have been able to attempt to stop the threat. I taught a concealed carry course to a NC church located in a bad neighborhood and their plan was to ALWAYS have someone in attendance empowered and carrying to protect the congregation. Change the SC law to allow firearms carried by permit holders and have a plan such as the one devised by the NC church I assisted. I am not saying this would have completely eliminated the threat, but it would have provided a response to the threat which may have saved lives.

I suppose someone will say ban all guns, take them away and burn them. I know my guns have never hurt anyone. There is one hidden in plain site and it has never spontaneously emerged and started firing at anyone. Guns are not the villain, people are to blame. If you remove a firearm then someone will use a knife, or a club, or any weapon they can devise. People bent on mayhem will cause mayhem unless they are stopped using whatever methods they can conceive. The Boston bombers used homemade devices and later firearms to hurt and kill. We already have laws against murder, a law never stops anyone, it just allows for trial and punishment after the crime.

If you want a law to potentially stop crimes using firearms then make the punishment so severe you would have to be insane to carry out the crime. I don’t know what that would be, but take a nod from some of the older civilizations. Armed robbery, I dunno, maybe chop off an appendage or two. We will never go for anything this barbaric in America, but until the criminals fear the punishment crime will continue to occur. Perhaps Singapore has it right with public caning. I know I personally would not like to be struck even once with a cane. According to reports the wounds take from a week to a month to heal. Perhaps these types of punishment are not the answer, but neither is new legislation designed only to affect law-abiding citizens.