Of course everyone knows the blog is firearms and fermentation with a definitive nod to beer and Bourbon. Yesterday I found myself at a Walnut Creek Amphitheater concert (Mumford & Sons) and noticed the beer prices were ridiculous. You did have a choice of a small beer, a large beer, a large can, etc, but nothing was a deal. That was certainly not a surprised, but we did have one big surprise. The event allows you to bring in one bottle of water per person with a factory seal. When you arrive they take off the top and throw it away. I was not aware they would remove a nice sealed lid and ruin the structural rigidity of the bottle, but that is exactly what they did. Had I known this was going to occur I would have purchased a much larger and structurally sound bottle rather than the Costco water bottles I brought. Later I decided to get an additional bottle of water, $4.75, and a 16oz fountain drink, $4.75. Sure enough they rip off the lid and throw it away before giving you the most expensive bottle of water on the planet and the fountain soda came without a lid and no straw in a wax paper cup which almost soaked through before it could be consumed.

The concert was phenomenal, but why remove the lid from a water bottle? I suppose someone could smuggle in vodka and put it in the water bottle, but they could do that without the lid just as easily. I searched online and found nothing regarding why that is a rule and why it is an intelligent rule. Next time I go I will smuggle in extra lids or a bottle with better structural rigidity. Hold the presses, I found it. The no lid policy is to keep the bottle from becoming a projectile if it is thrown at the stage. The water would drain as it is thrown and simply douse the audience and fall away. I suppose that is a good idea for an especially rowdy crowd, but I cannot recall going to a concert where that should be an issue or concern.