I’ve been working my way through a lineup of Lenny Boy Kombucha and Elite Beet came up next in the queue. This variant has ginger and beets and for the most part the flavor was dominated by the ginger. At the very end of the finish is where you could actually taste the beet. Now dominated is not really a great word since nothing was strong or powerful in this Kombucha. As with the Good Ol’ Ginger, this Kombucha was light and seemed like a starter version. Perhaps my exposure has only been to strong versions, but I prefer that to something light. This would be good for someone who did not like powerful flavors and aromas, but to me it was boring so I drank it for whatever health benefits it might have. I’ve been doing some research on Kombucha so eventually an experiment at home might be in order. Just not sure I want to manage a Scoby.EliteBeet