While at the local bottle shop I happened upon a bottle of St. Bernardus Extra 4 and wasn’t sure if I had tried it since it had been quite some time since I went through their lineup. Turns out the Extra 4 was reintroduced in 2014 after being discontinued in the 1970’s so it was a new beer for me. The beer is a Singel or “Enkel” and is 4.8% abv and essentially a Belgian pale ale. It was very refreshing with a light malt aspect, a low level of phenolic spice, and a crisp carbonation. If this were inexpensive it would be a go to beer, but with the imported price point it was no bargain. It also isn’t interesting enough to tell you to rush out and get a bottle. What the draw for me is knowing the beer had been discontinued in the 1970’s and returned in 2014. Essentially you are consuming a historical beer which has returned to the market. For that reason alone I’ll probably try to get one every year when they release it in May or if I can find it on draft. x4