I spotted a bottle of Delirium Deliria at a bottle shop and decided an 8.5% ABV Belgian Blond was something I needed to bring home. The beer was spicy and a bit hot, almost to the point of being solvent. The phenols were strong, mostly pepper and cove, as were the esters which were fruity and floral. Turn out the beer is brewed by women for International Women’s Day. The brewery description is:
Brewed by women, this heavy blonde beer has 8.5% ABV and second fermentation in the bottle. This beer has a pale blonde colour and fine, white creamy and lacing foam. The aroma is very balanced, with a fruity and flowery background and a first impression of chardonnay, that further evolves to a spicy, mild hop aroma. The flavour is very balanced with fruity notes of apple and chardonnay grapes. Deliria has a fine, mildly bitter aftertaste and a wonderful, round mouth feeling with a nice evolution.

If you are really sensitive to alcohol this might not be the beer for you, but if you are a fan of the Delirium brews I suggest you find a bottle. Heck, get two and you might even see pink elephants!;)