I cracked open Foothills May 2015 IPA of the Month last night and was greeted by a nice citrus character from the hazy beer. I had only purchased the bottle a few days ago and I did notice a yeast layer in the bottle so in truth the yeast may not have had time to settle out and clear. I didn’t think they bottle conditioned their beers, but I suppose they could be bottle conditioned. The beer was 5.6% ABV and 65 IBUs so it was nicely bittered. The bitterness was decidedly spicy and they threw Citra and Sorachi Ace hops in the kettle which also led to that strong citrusy grapefruit aroma. I’m not a fan of Sorachi Ace hops, but they made it work in this beer. The dog this month is Bentley and I’m not sure why he is driving a boat, but he has a nice beer to take with him on his journey!