Let me start by saying I have long been a fan of New Glarus. A friend and local beer writer turned me on to Wisconsin Belgian Red and Raspberry Tart a very long time ago and while on a tour of their brewery in 2003 I picked up an unlabeled bottle of Enigma. At a recent homebrew competition I won a judge only auction and came home with a bottle of New Glarus Serendipity. I spoke with the donor of the beer, but really had no idea what a gift I had received. The beer is a sour which was crafted with apples, cranberries, and cherries and it truly is amazing. It is sweet on the palate, but that character is kept in check with the tartness and neither is overdone. I have never understood how they pull that off, but they do it very well at New Glarus. You can actually taste the apples and the cherries in the beer, but I must admit I had a difficult time picking out the cranberries. If you find yourself in Wisconsin or have a friend traveling there, then you must get a bottle if you can find it. This beer was terrific!