When I spied a bottle of Old Ezra on the shelf at a coastal ABC store I was slightly stoked. First the price was less than $20 and second I was hoping for a similar experience to Ezra B. Unfortunately it wasn’t even close to Ezra B and while there was absolutely nothing wrong with the 101 proof 7-year-old Bourbon, it just didn’t have much character. It came off as slightly boozy, but that is to be expected from the higher proof. The flavors were all very subdued, almost to the point of being boring. Eventually I added a splash of Powell just to add some character. This one might be a good one for someone in need of training wheels, but if you are looking for complexity this is not the Bourbon you should seek. It would work well for a mixed libation, but if you aren’t mixing I’d suggest you skip it unless you want a bottle of decent Bourbon without much character on your shelf.