I went to a restaurant last night with at least 200 taps and they sat me with my the dinner menu and the hostess was about to leave when I inquired about the beer menu. She stated they had run out, but she would try to find me one. How the heck can you run out of beer menus in a restaurant with 200 taps? Someone better get their scrawny butt over to my table and start reciting what you have or else I’m not going to hang out for long, I’ll got sit at the bar so I can at least take and educated guess at what is pouring. Within a minute or so they showed up with the beer menu, but someone needed to let the hostess know part of the the appeal is beer and without a menu people will have to guess at what is pouring. So today I thought I would put out a shout to bar managers everywhere that a beer menu or blackboard is required if you have more than 10 taps. If you tap count is less than 10 then your waitstaff should be able to remember them for customers.