I’m trying to make sense out of the shooting in Texas and how a police officer can take out two suspects in body armor when they both have rifles, or as the press has dubbed them, assault rifles. I believe to understand the event we need to peel the onion. All reports indicate the two men pulled up to a security vehicle and opened fire shooting a security guard in the leg according to Guns.com. The local news indicated he was an officer. I saw a press conference where they indicated another officer drew is service pistol and shot and killed both of the men. That really doesn’t compute to me, especially if they are truly wearing body armor. It would be difficult to take out two men with rifles who are shooting them. An animation I saw on CBS showed them shooting repeatedly, and if they did have AR-15s their capacity is typically 30 rounds each without reloading. Witnesses said only 20 rounds were heard, which does not quite seem as chaotic as the animation video. I found a report which makes much more sense to me which indicates a single office engaged the two terrorists, but SWAT officers opened fire on them as well and killed them. That version of events makes sense. The two drive up, pop off rounds at the security vehicle, an officer engages the terrorists and SWAT finishes the job by taking them down. I am surprised that happened in only 20 rounds. A reporter on the scene reported 3 to 4 shots, I assume that was the terrorist shooting at the security vehicle, and then a lot more gunfire. That later gunfire must have originated from the police officer and SWAT team members. I’m glad this ended with only one innocent person being injured and injuries from which he will recover.

I don’t much care for events such as the one which caused this response. It was obviously meant to incite strong feelings from the Muslim community. Had a group of people simply gotten together quietly and drawn images of Mohammed this event would have not happened and a man would not have been injured without reason. I commend the police for their preparedness and action in this situation. Quick thinking and action ended a bad situation before it got worse.