Some time back I spotted Terrapin Hop Selection IPA in the bottle shop and needed to round out a purchase so I put it in my basket. Terrapin beers have always been solid and tasty so I figured it would not disappoint and boy was I right. The beer is a double IPA at 8.6% abv and the hops are Ella. I don’t honestly know anything about Ella hops, but I know the beer is fantastic. I found a description on Beer Street Journal:

Terrapin will be using Ella hops from the 2014 harvest. Ella (previously called Stella), the descendent of a Spalt-derived male and half-sister to Galaxy, is considered an aroma hop though with her higher alpha acid content of 14 – 16% she can also lend a hand in bittering. Ella has an interesting aroma of spicy hoppiness backed with softer floral notes and a touch of anise, which is a contrast to the big citrus/tropical fruit and pine notes of many modern hops used in American craft beers.

The label described them accurately as floral, subtle spice, and tropical. In case you haven’t picked up on it, this beer wasn’t just good, it was outstanding. The balance between malt and hop were spot on and the fruity and floral esters were divine. If you see this one out and about be sure to snag it, it is well worth your time and money.