Our homebrew club recently held an Iron Brewer competition brew in and the secret ingredients were Peeps, Star Anise, and Jaggery. Brewers were required to use one package of Peeps per 5 gallons, a maximum amount of two Star Anise per 5 gallons, and up to two pounds of Jaggery per 5 gallons. Some mashed the Peeps and others put them in the boil, they held out for awhile, but eventually succumbed to the heat. Star Anise is quite strong in homebrew and the use varied wildly among the four teams. Jaggery is often palm sugar and some salt, but the packages called it cane sugar. The flavor was sweet honey and caramel with a hint of salt. If I was brewing I’d have aimed for a saison with a large amount of Jaggery in the boil, perhaps late in the boil. It will be interesting to see how the results turn out for the teams.