This week my local TV station teased coverage of a loophole in the law which would allow a quick and easy concealed handgun permit process to bypass NC requirements. What it turned out to ultimately be was nonresident permits from Virginia. This is not something new and certainly isn’t investigative reporting, or at least not difficult. Virginia takes a different stance on concealed permits believing their residents have that right and just need to display a minimal level of comprehension so they allow online courses to count for that training. These courses are as low as $20 and the person can get an out-of-state permit after filing the required paperwork and a $100 fee to Virginia. A background check is performed. The difference between a NC permit and a non-resident VA permit are the NC permit has classroom and range requirements and the NC permit allows you to skip getting a Pistol Purchase Permit or having a NICS background check. With a VA permit you still would need a PPP to get a pistol and have a NICS check for a long gun.

My personal opinion is NC residents should not be allowed to use nonresident permits in NC. Those permits are basically a means to skip the required classroom time and training of which the most important element is the law. I don’t know the laws everywhere, but I do believe the laws governing deadly force in NC is excellent background information the student can then take to understand the laws of states with reciprocity where they may travel. If they have not had that training and comprehension, then they may find themselves in trouble at some point in the future. The follow-up story from WRAL was the reaction from lawmakers and neither of the gentlemen were aware of the nonresident permits. I suppose it could be true most people are not aware of them, but it did not come as news to me.