I happened upon a review posted yesterday on Guns.com by Eve Flanigan who is a concealed instructor out of New Mexico.  The article was titled, Polish Wanad P-64: Classic design for classic tastes, and that’s where I started to get a little let down. It is a Radom P64, or simply P64, not Wanad, a quick Google search would have yielded that information. I tried to find a reference to Wanad and all I came up with was Eve’s article. Later in the article the author discusses the double action trigger pull and how she could not accomplish it with one hand. I’m not dissing her for not being able to do it, but once again a few minutes on the web would have yielded the Wolff spring conversion. My other nit was the ammo, she mentioned it was 9×18 and even snapped a nice photo, but no mention of Makarov. Most people I know distinguish the round by calling it 9mm Makarov to avoid confusion. I often look to Guns.com for inspiration, but this time they let me down. Heck, they could have at least compared yesterday’s article to one they published in 2012.

Anyway if you need to know anything about the P64, just go here and thank me later.