In the nick of time I opened Stone Enjoy By 04.20.15 IPA last night. If you take a look at the photo you will notice the beer has some haze, well as it warmed that disappeared so it was chill haze. Also when cold it had a prominent fusel alcohol presence and post consumption burn which became less apparent as it warmed and the esters became more prominent. I did not dislike the beer, but this one seemed like a miss to me when compared to the other Enjoy By offerings. I’m not sure if it is because of the wide distribution or putting out six packs of the beer, but it seems to have taken a step back instead of forward. I noticed on the Stone website they have Enjoy By releases planned for July, October, and December all with wide distribution of bombers and sixers. I hope they live up to the legacy which has been Enjoy By instead of what I got with the 04.20.15 offering which was still good, but not stellar.