Yesterday House Bill 725 was filed in the NC General Assembly and she is a doozy or rather a wolf in sheep’s clothing. At first it looks benign enough with some deadly force against an intruder verbiage, but quickly changes to require background checks for all firearm transfers. In the past a permit was required for a pistol purchase whether private or retail, this would require a check for any firearm transaction and requires a FFL to record the transaction. On top of that they are adding an SBI fee to the NICS check and FFL fees. Yep, they want you to pull out that wallet and shell out more fees. Another feature of this bill is the requirement to keep detailed records, if you don’t Class 3 misdemeanor. You also will be required to carry $100K in liability insurance. No more large capacity magazines either. They want to divest in any firearm manufacturers included in The Public Fund and then it culminates in officer-involved death stipulations.

This bill is scary to me and hopefully it dies a quick death on the floor or a long death in committee. I’ll make note of those who join it so I know who to vote against in the future. Currently that includes:
Paul Luebke
Pricey Harrison
Verla Insko
Rodney W. Moore
Cecil Brockman
Susan C. Fisher
Yvonne Lewis Holley
Ralph C. Johnson

Paul Luebke – sponsor of H725