The other night I made a mistake when reaching for a Great Lakes beer and thought I was selecting a beer I had recently bought. The beer I grabbed was Lake Erie Monster which is an Imperial India Pale Ale and the bottle listed the alcohol as 9.1% ABV. I found the beer outstanding, but just could not figure out the best before date which appeared to be 08/07/13. As I savored the beer and thought about it a bit further I realized the photo showed a 25th Anniversary bottle cap so this was most likely a beer purchased in 2012 which had lurked in the back of the fridge undisturbed until I selected it for a photo-op. I’m not sure why this beer has been passed over for the past three years, but it did not suffer at all and was delicious. When they release it again this summer I’ll be sure to have a few fresh bottles. If you spot it I suggest you grab a few as well!