Just when you thought it was over, Bell’s proves once you go down the path of being a douche, you just cannot turn around and come back. Innovation responded to Bell’s Opposition on April 1 and gave solid arguments why their claim is baseless. Perhaps others will see it differently, but that’s how this blogger reads it. Apparently that struck a nerve with someone at Bell’s or their attorney and the claws came out in full on attack mode. If you read their April 14 filing it is line after line of how a previous deposition was insufficient and seeks to compel the owner’s of Innovation to come to Michigan to be deposed by Bell’s council. What a bunch of malarkey. Bell’s and their lawyers are trying to cause Innovation to spend money and break the brewery. They want to have them spend money on lawyers and travel fees just to ultimately prove Inspired does not equal Innovation.

I know most have already forgotten about this TM application dispute. I haven’t and I won’t. I skipped buying something from Bell’s three times this week and will continue to do so until this TM dispute is settled. If it settles in Innovation’s favor and Bell’s does not issue an apology I may never purchase their product again.