Ommegang Glimmerglass is a spring seasonal which is listed on the label as a Saison. The alcohol level was 5.4% ABV and in truth the entire beer was a bit light for my taste. It had enough characteristics of a Saison to be in that realm, but in truth I would have liked to have seen them drop the ABV just a bit further and keep the same flavor profile to create a Grisette. Definitely refreshing, but a tad light in the loafers. Here is the description from the brewery.

Author James Fenimore Cooper gave the name ‘Glimmerglass’ to the beautiful body of water that graces Cooperstown. Nestled between gentle mountains, it reflects any object held up to it, just as it reflects our joy at the arrival of each spring.

Deep straw to light amber in color with a thick, pure white head. The saison yeast strain gives off fruity aromas of pear, apple and slight citrus balanced with a delicate floral hop character and a touch of spiciness. Taste is very clean, with pronounced fruit flavors, delicate bready malt followed by welcomed spicing. Crisp finish with lingering yet subtle notes of yeast and touches of fruity pepper.