Hold on to your hat, bills are being filled left and right in the NCGA, fast enough it is becoming difficult to keep track. I may be missing some, but thought it would be a good idea to capture those I have found which may be of interest:

House Bill 7
 – Amend Firearm Restoration Law
House Bill 241 – Destroy Firearm/Crime of Assault or Murder
House Bill 562 – Amend Firearm Laws
House Bill 563 – Strengthen Firearms Background Checks
Senate Bill 394 – Preemption Affirmation Act
Senate Bill 579 – Agricultural Fairs/Handguns on Premises
Senate Bill 624 – Private Schools/Firearms Amendments
Senate Bill 641 – Concealed Handgun Permit Standardization Act
Senate Bill 648 – NC Firearms Freedom Act

As these move forward or die in committee it will be interesting to follow them and see where they go. Considering the session started on January 28, that’s quite a few bills in a little over two months. I had expected this session to be rather sedate, but it appears it will be anything but sedate.