Last night I cracked open Foothills March 2015 IPA of the Month a few days late. The dog this month is a Boston Terrier and the name is Murphy. The beer was 7% abv and the hops were Citra and Lemondrop. I had it on draft earlier in the month and found it underwhelming and this bottle was actually more flavorful than what I had on draft with a very nice citrus and fruit character which was juicy and piney. I think they could have taken the hop combo and doubled it with no issue at all. While the IBU level was 75, it was not decidedly bitter. That is the chance you take when using new hops that the combination may turn out differently that what was calculated and planned. No matter what it was a tasty brew, I doubt it is lurking on shelves, but if you spot it, grab one and give it a whirl.