This week one person killed 149 others by intentionally crashing an airplane. The Co-Pilot has been named as being solely responsible for the crash. He locked the Pilot out of the cockpit and set the controls to ground the plane. For US airlines at least two people must always be in the cockpit to avoid incidents like this and foreign airlines quickly added a similar rule after the tragedy.

Death by plane is somewhat rare, but couldn’t we solve the issue by simply eliminating the planes? Why isn’t everyone blaming the plane, instead they seem to have only focused on the person responsible for the plane. I heard one news report where they said there is a segment of the pilot population who may be depressed and could be prone to such incidents, but I’ve not yet seen anyone put the blame on the plane and seek to ban them. Piers Morgan (who we all know is a genius) has stated on more than one occasion that he wants to ban firearms, but he doesn’t seem to want to ban planes, his wish list seems to be around the cockpit and the pilots. If Piers, of all people, can realize it is only a small segment of the pilot population who are at risk for causing this type of tragedy, is it beyond the realm of possibility to realize firearms are not the issue, those who are not law-abiding citizens and who are mentally ill is where efforts should be focused. Lock up the criminals and identify and treat those with mental illness.