I’ve been trying hard to love Bulleit 10 Year since I picked up the box at the local ABC store. The real issue is fusel alcohol which is powerful and annoying. I found over ice it toned down the fumes, but it still doesn’t make for a rewarding glass of Boubon. Considering the Bourbon is 10 years old it was certainly made by Four Roses, although it is now being questioned as to whether or not Bulleit has a continued relationship with Four Roses and the response from Diageo has been cagey at best. The real rub is the 10 year is a Grant note and that is a pretty steep price to pay for fusel alcohol and ok flavor. I like the standard Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye (MGP) which both come in around $30, but just have a difficult time shelling out another $20+ for a bottle of just ok. I suggest you try it before you buy it if you are contemplating a purchase. There are much better Bourbons which can be had for less.