I’ve been scratching my head lately over the news B. Todd Jones, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Director, is resigning as of March 31. I’ve posted several times on the proposed Green Tip Ban which has now been temporarily shelved. Word on the street is the resignation is coming as a result of the failed ban. I just don’t understand that philosophy. If I cannot get something done one way, I work to change it in another. In this case I don’t believe the Green Tips should have been in the cross-hairs of the ATF, but had I been director and had to back pedal I would have not left my job. I don’t see that as a crushing defeat, rather a dose of reality.

Perhaps some thought Mr. Jones was not doing a good job and asked him to step aside, but I am not aware of a highly critical group of gun owners calling for him to resign. Sure we’d like to see easier processes for things like SBRs and suppressors, but that has long been a labored process, it isn’t something recent which can be attributed to Jones. I’m neither happy nor sad to see him go, but I am disappointed if it is true he stepped down simply because a Green Tip ban was a bad idea.