With all the attention given to Innovation and Bell’s it appears Red Bull is going after a Virginia brewery named Old Ox Brewery and has been for quite some time. I gotta admit a couple of things. I have never even tasted a Red Bull and before this had never heard of Old Ox Brewery. I still know a David and Goliath story when I hear one and this one is almost Biblical in nature. You have Red Bull trying to claim all things bovine and a small startup brewery just trying to TM their name. According to The Washington Post their latest filling in opposition is because and Ox looks like a Bull. What the heck has that got to do with trademarking a name of a brewery. To someone in NYC a Black Angus would look like a Belted Galloway, the only difference to a city slicker would be the midsection skunk stripe. I hope Red Bull bites the big one on this one and Old Ox is able to survive the money machine which is Red Bully. So if you are in Ashburn, VA be sure to buy an Old Ox and let Red Bully know they may take your name, but they can’t take your freedom.