The plot seems to thicken as Bell’s has hired a PR firm to control the spin on their opposition to the Innovation Brewing TM. Michigan Live appears to be drinking the taking the bait and posted their impression after a discussion with Trusscott Rossman regarding the issue. Seems like a puff piece to me, but you be the judge. Here is the link:

Soon after Laura Bell posted her response on social media the puffing continued. In defense of MLive they did bury the Innovation response in the comments of the story. Perhaps they published before Innovation responded, but they have updated the story and did not include their side of the story.

Larry Bell contacted MiBiz the next day all kinds of sad about the turn of events. You can read the story here, I find it a little sad myself.

The Citizen Times even had an updated story on the matter. That spokesperson mentioned, Josh Hovey, guess who he works for, it rhymes with Trusscott Rossman (ok it is Trusscott Rossman).

I think the only thing Bell’s is sad and sorry about it that this issue was brought to light and they are starting to lose taps and market share. There is a very simple solution, drop the opposition and allow Innovation Brewing to trademark their brewery name. I’ll bet they would sign an agreement to not challenge Bell’s on the “Bottling innovation…” slogan and all would be well with the world. Stay tuned, I don’t think this is going away anytime soon.