I haven’t written about this idiot in the blog because he has largely stayed out of issues which have come to my attention. Since you may not know Mark Creech let me give you some insight. Mark is failed minister who basically could not find a church to call home due to his wacko ideology. He bounced around Eastern NC and then up to NY and finally back to NC before he decided to become a lobbyist and form the Christian Action League. He pretty much spends his time getting news coverage of his sound bites and opposes anything alcohol always without incorporating intelligent thought and research. If he had his way we would have Prohibition. I’m not even going to speak to his other stances, but unless you are one of the few people actually drinking his Kool-Aid you are bound to disagree with his stance on something and with good reason. Often he gets the attention of people because of his use of the word Christian in the name of his organization, but in reality he is a dictator in the making. Don’t take my word for it, another religious organization posted on Facebook, “Pastors like the Rev. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina, are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They lie and deceive in the name of Jesus.

So why am I surprised he has come out in opposition of Senate Bill 24. Creech, I’ll call him Screech moving forward, believes it will undermine the ABC system. Apparently Screech couldn’t be bothered to actually read the bill. What it will allow if it passes is the purchase of a single bottle per year of NC produced spirits at the distillery and will return all the local and state taxes included to the county ABC system. If the county does not have an ABC store approved then no sales would be allowed. If the distillery is large and does more than 100,000 gallons per year then no sales would be allowed. If the county and state receives all the taxes they are due and the distillery is only allowed to sell one bottle per person per year, what is the harm? How will that undermine the NCABC system? What that will allow is a small distillery to sell a commemorative bottle during a tour to a tourist who may not be able to find the local ABC store. Besides, the local ABC store might not even carry that brand or may be out of it at the time. I’ve written on the NCABC system before, but as a reminder all liquor comes from Raleigh and every store across the state has to receive their liquor from the state warehouse and all at the same price. Screech would know this if he took a few minutes to look it up.

If you were not aware our old buddy Screech was against Pop The Cap back in 2005. If PTC (H392) had not passed our state would not enjoy the craft brewing expansion and variety we enjoy today. I hadn’t really heard his BS since 2005, but to see his name mentioned 10 years later means he must still be spouting his hate speech and trying to reenact Prohibition. Screech is a killjoy who should crawl back under the bridge and spend his days scaring goats as opposed to trying to influence the NCGA to his ideology. If your village needs an idiot, he’s your man!