Did you hear the one about the White House Press Secretary who thought saying the words Common Sense repeatedly would make something asinine change to intelligent? If not, then you didn’t see the video of Josh Earnest trying to sell the Green Tip ammo ban by the feds to the press pool. In case you missed it, here is a link:

I’ve posted about the proposed Green Tip ban a few times and how stupid it is, but don’t take my word for it, how about what the Fraternal Order of Police has to say about the matter. James Pasco said, “Any ammunition is of concern to police in the wrong hands, but this specific round has historically not posed a law enforcement problem.” So why is The White House pushing so hard to ban the ammo? It’s a backhanded attempt to get rid of AR-15s, plain and simple. We’ll ban the ammo, which is not armor-piercing and has not been proven to have been used in a crime, by calling it armor-piercing and eventually remove the rifles. It’s not common sense, it is bait and switch.

I’ll be honest I wasn’t paying attention to Josh Earnest before, and I certainly am not going to pay attention to him now. Either he doesn’t understand the meaning of common sense or he doesn’t have any.