Last night I cracked open a bottle of AleSmith Evil Dead Red which was actually purchased for the bottle. You see we plan to try our hand at making some glasses and my wife thought this might be a good one since I like watching zombies in movies and television. The beer was 6.66% abv and decidedly bitter. Pine and citrus were present, but a bit muted and to me it seemed as if the malt backbone was lacking. I would have liked to have seen a little more sweetness in the malt, of course that would have pushed it closer to an IPA or a red IPA than a red ale. The IBU level is listed on the website as 24 and I doubt that is the case. It takes hardly any hops to land at that level and this was 3X the bitterness of a 24 IBU brew. The beer was bottled on 08/20/2014 and since this was their Halloween beer it may have been slightly older than suggested, but exhibited no signs of oxidation and had been in the fridge since I picked it up at the store. I think the hop usage was higher than stated and the balance was off. Anyway, I’d not turn down a pint of it, but I also wouldn’t drive across town to get it, unless you want the bottle. 😉