I must admit I rarely grab my Reissdorf Kölsch Stange as my glass of choice when having a beer. The small, 0.2L, straight sided glass just doesn’t scream drink from me when staring back out of the bar. The other night I had a quart bottle of Lagunitas Sucks staring me in the face and decided it was time to grab the Stange and give it a whirl with something other than a Kölsch. I believe it was ultimately the right decision. The small diameter places your nose in the glass and brought forth all the hop characteristics and esters in fine fashion. Since aroma is a large part of smell the hops seemed just a bit more bitter in the flavor. There have been some studies on glass shapes and flavor and it does affect the perception provided you can smell in the first place. The pint glass we so often see in the US really doesn’t do much for the aroma of brews, so you are bound to have something in your collection which will do a much better job. So the next time you grab a favorite beer, try out a new glass and see how it changes your impression of the beer.