I often find myself alone in a restaurant and typically the place I choose to dine will either have a great beer selection, a great Bourbon selection, or both. Since the only real way to know what is on tap is to view the handles and often there is no complete Bourbon list even at the best establishments I find sitting at the bar will allows the easiest method to peruse the taps or bottles to make a libation decision. If you do sit at the bar please be aware of the patrons next to you. Last night a couple who were outside smoking a bone came in and plopped down next to me. Despite no smoking inside the restaurant, these two had enough second-hand smoke on their clothes to negate that policy. Also the guy was obnoxious and not in a funny or good way. It’s fine to laugh and carry on with friends, but when he started just singing a song to no one you realize this joker is a few fries short of a happy meal. As they sat and I smelled the smoke I decided to shift down a few seats which was an excellent decision.

The gentleman next to my new seat turned out to be 79 and a beer lover. He recalled various beers which had come and gone and is now a lover of craft beer. I have to admit my plan last night was to have a drink and a meal and leave and I ended up getting so much more. He had retired in 1991 from a large corporation and started his own business in the area which was flourishing. We discussed his expansion plans and I think I even added some food for thought with the design he had overlooked. Later a new brewery owner came around pouring samples. We spoke with him quite a while. It was a very enjoyable evening and had I not sat at the bar I’d have missed the conversation.

I suggest if you find yourself out alone you find a seat at the bar away from the irritating people and near someone who looks like they may be game to strike up a conversation. You never know just how enjoyable dining alone can be until you find you were never alone in the first place.